Editable Pregnancy Journal, Pregnancy Planner and Checklist.


Hey mama-to-be! 🤰🏼

Feeling overwhelmed by all the to-dos and appointments that come with pregnancy? I know I did! That’s why I created this editable pregnancy planner – it’s your ultimate guide to a smooth and joyful journey.

This planner helps you:

* Stay organized: Track appointments, manage your to-do list, and keep your mind at ease.
* Create a beautiful baby book: Capture all the special moments, milestones, and memories.
* Plan for your postpartum journey: Prepare for the transition to motherhood and set yourself up for success.

It’s also perfect for:

* Coaches: Offer this planner as a bonus to your clients!
* Digital creators: Create stunning digital products and templates.
* Sellers: Expand your business offerings and reach new customers.


✔ Personal  Use:  Use the template for your business growth.

✔You can use this to create products for your clients or make products to sell in your shop or e-commerce platforms.

✔You can resell this as end products,  printable planners, or digital planners in PDF FORM or other finished product forms, JPEG, PNG etc.

✔ Brand & Resell: Customize and rebrand this template to sell as your unique creation (Please read our PLR Terms of Use).

✔ Add Value to Existing Products: Enhance your current offerings with this template.

✔ Content Upgrade: Provide it as an exclusive resource alongside your existing content.

✔ Lead Magnet: Use it to attract and grow your email list with high-quality leads.

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Oh, hey there, soon-to-be superstar mom! 🌟 Are you wading through the endless sea of advice, appointments, and preparations, feeling a bit like you’re doing it all with one hand tied behind your back?

I get it. Pregnancy is supposed to be this beautiful, glowing period, but let’s spill some tea here—it can often feel like a cocktail of excitement, anxiety, and a million questions with answers that change daily. 😵‍💫

Introducing the Ultimate Editable Pregnancy Planner! Your new best friend that promises to simplify this beautiful chaos. Here’s how this planner becomes your pregnancy game-changer:

  • Customizable Checklists: Tailor it to your heart’s content! From doctor’s appointments to hospital packing lists, you’re covered.
  • Symptom Tracker: Keep tabs on what’s normal and what’s not, making every doctor’s visit more efficient.
  • Budget Templates: Babies aren’t cheap, and this planner won’t let you forget a single expense.
  • Meal Planning Guides: Because who has time to think about nutrients when you could be napping? We do! And now, so do you.

Imagine this—you could keep winging it, adding bookmarks to a never-ending list of “I’ll read this later,” or you could take control with our planner in your arsenal. Every day without it is another day you spend stressing over details that we’ve already organized and simplified for you. 😌

This isn’t just a planner; it’s peace of mind in a pretty package, and it’s just a click away. Don’t let another day pass in a fog of forgetfulness and missed opportunities. Grab your planner, and let’s make this journey as magical as it should be—organized, under control, and with fewer “What was I doing again?” moments.


Template Features

Wondering what’s packed inside this treasure chest? Here you go:

  • Total Pages: 98 done-for-you planner pages—perfectly sized in Canva.
  • Instant Access: Get immediate access after purchase with a handy download guide.
  • Editable Elements: Customize images, elements, fonts, colors, and more to match your vibe.
  • Bonus Resources: (List any additional resources if applicable)

What’s Included?

  • Pregnancy Tracker: From the first trimester to the third, track every precious moment.
  • Weekly Planning Pages: Plan your weeks with detailed checklists and tips.
  • Meal Planners: Keep your nutrition on track with easy-to-follow meal plans.
  • Doctor Visit Logs: Never miss a detail at your appointments.
  • Nursery Decoration Ideas: Get inspired with creative nursery themes.
  • And much more…

How It Works

  1. Sign Up on Canva: Create a free Canva account if you don’t have one already (it’s super easy!).
  2. Download Guide: After your order, receive immediate access to a PDF Download Guide.
  3. Customization Time: Start editing and customizing your template—make it uniquely yours!
  4. Save & Share: Once you’re happy with your design, save it and share it with your audience or keep it for yourself.

Important Stuff You Should Know

  • Instant Download: Due to the nature of this transaction, we can’t offer refunds or exchanges. But if you face any issues, just drop us a message!
  • Digital Product: This is a digital instant download; no physical copy will be shipped.
  • Copyright Notice: Templates are copyrighted © [Brand Name]. You can’t share, redistribute, resell, transfer, reproduce or give them away to others.

By purchasing this template, you accept these terms and conditions

Due to the digital nature of this product, We do not accept returns and refunds. This is a digital product no physical product will be shipped, and you’ll get access to your product instantly after your purchase. If you have any questions regarding how to download and use the product, don’t hesitate to send a message.

Please note that you cannot resell this template as an editable canva template, but you can edit the template and sell the final pdf product as your own. You cannot share, redistribute, resell, transfer, reproduce, or give away the templates, free or paid, even if you have edited the templates. You can only sell end products in PDF, JPEGS, etc formats.

  • You can brand it as your own
  • You can add it to a product you already sell to increase the value
  • You can use it as a content upgrade
  • Use it for personal use
  • Use it in giveaways, lead magnets or
  • Sell it as a digital product ( this must be a finished PDF version)

The templates and designs are subject to © COPYRIGHT and are the intellectual property of “thecreativeshelftemplates”. By purchasing this template, you accept these terms and conditions

How It works

  • You’ll need a free canva account to download and edit the templates. Please note that some design elements on this template are available on the canva pro version, but you can easily switch them out for a free element on canva.
  • After your purchase, you will receive a PDF download with the canva link to access your template.
  • Access your template and have fun editing and customizing it. You can change the colors, fonts, and more.
  • Download the planner in a PDF format to sell or share it with your audience


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